Bridge 4: Introduction to research/Personal Choice Project

Bridge 4: Introduction to research/Personal Choice Project

According to the story I intend, the story is basically about three women were working at a rich master house. There was a government taking over, so the three women would lost their job soon. They were worried about their future. The story which was happened during World War 2. The inside of the story had explored and expressed a dark society during World War 2. Based on the dark society, I decided to create this art piece which also intends my understanding and idea of this painting. This art piece used materials of acrylic paints, tape and wax. By using some dark colors like dark brown and black, those colors give viewers a sense of dull feel, just like the environment from the painting. This art work also express that a sad and ruthless time and atmosphere of that time.


When I did this project, I did some researches about World War 2 and how people’s lives during that time. Including the feel which was sad after I researched it to the art piece that I created, I want to export the feel that I could tell from the those sad people.


Process photos:

First, I put multiple pieces of tape on the canvas to make space between each one.

Second, I mixed the color dark brown, amber and black, and I had the color mixed with water to drip from the top to the bottom to make a dripping texture. Then, I mixed the second color which was yellow brown and white, and did the same thing, drip it from the top to the end. Then, I mixed the third color which was white and black to make a color gray, and also make the same textures on the canvas.

Third, after I let it dry, I started to pour the wax on the canvas. The wax got dry immediately and left out a white solid texture.

Fourth, I took all the tape out. Each space between one to the other one had a very strong  texture of tape.

The textures turn out very pretty. The dark colors connects with the thesis well, which is to explore a sad feel from people during the war time.



Video while adding wax on the painting:



Final Look:

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