Love your garbage

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Love Your Garbage

Here are four little things that I created for this project.

The first one was a used plastic empty tofu box. I cleaned it up and leave it for brushes. It’s useful and nice!

The second piece I created is a holder for trash bag. I cut a water bottle to half and the size is perfect for a trash bag.

The third thing I created was a shaver holder. I cut a water bottle’s one side. The size is also perfect to fit all the shavers. The outside looks nice and neat as well.

The fourth thing that I created was an useful toothbrushes holder. I replaced grenadine to hold all the toothbrushes together, so when there’s visitor at my home, I can have it ready for them anytime.

Thosed four things are created for useful living  days. How do I get ideas? I got ideas from those used things and garbages. I could reuse those garbages and change them to useful and convenient things which are good for our living days.

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