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Fashion advertisement for Chanel

For me, I really interested in Coco Chanel. The gender of Chanel’s design is more focus on women. Coco Chanel broke down barries in the industry for women. She used neutral lines to express herself. She produced designs only for women but in my views, she used neutral design to express what style her design is as well as combined the gender is portrayed through black and white mostly. After years and years, Chanel has been a big famous name on the top of the fashion industry chain.

Chanel’s most famous design is her black woman suits. “In typical Chanel fashion, the tight-fit design was out the window: No shoulder-pads, no emphasis for the bust, and the neckline allows the woman to breathe”, from an article says. Chanel’s suite looks different from others. The designs were not only look pretty but to be used and comfortable.

As well as her little black is famous, too. Coco’s soulmate died in a car accident. After that she turned her room black. Coco dressed in black after that as well. She got inspired from black. After that, she designed the famous Chanel little black dress.

“..She spent only a few minutes, however, in this mausoleum. ‘Quick, Joseph, get me out of this tomb and tell Marie to make me up a bed somewhere else,’ she told the butler”.

The Chanel design is mostly in black and neutral just like her main design idea.

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