Sustainable and System United Nations Trip

Reflection of United Nations Trip from Sustainable and System Class

Last Thursday, our class with other sustainable and systems’ classes together had a chance to visit the UN building which is located on 46th st and 1st ave. It’s been an horror to be there and have a wonderful lecture. Students there were about over hundreds people. We all sat near to each other. Each table had a small microphone set there for those students had questions to ask. During the lecture, we had several speakers to give share their speeches with us. Those speakers are advised and assisted in consulars,  commercials, investment, cultural and press. From Parsons, we have Ana, she is the Chair of the Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management graduate program. To Ana’s research, she is focused on advancing environmental justice through collaborative work with communities on air pollution, and waste systems. She gave us lot of good thoughts on her personal experiences on pollutions. And Angela Luna is the Founder & CEO of ADIFF, it is a socially-conscious clothing brand that utilizes the fashion industry to create aid and awareness for global displacement. As well as Joel Towers is Executive Dean of Parsons The New School for Design, a role he has served since 2009. He has led the design and development of cutting-edge programs, curricular innovation, and the implementation of a new, more inclusive governance structure. He also serves as an Associate Professor of Architecture and Sustainable Design. Those speakers there were all professionally related to sustainable and systems’ changes and learning. I saw many students asked them opinions and thoughts any areas of questions about sustainable and systems. From the trip, I learned more about what sustainable really is and how important it is to the world. After having this trip, I feel more understandable for the sustainable class that I’m taking now.


Some pictures during the trip:



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