Twitter reflection on “European River Cruises Hit a New Obstacle: Not Enough Water

Twitter Reflection:

By reading the article “European River Cruises Hits a New Obstacle: Not Enough Water”, down the Danube, the Rhine, the Rhone and the Elbe this year, low waters have troubles on not having enough water to have the ships across. Many travelers had stopped from the trips because of the low-level water. By interviewing Jana Tvedt, the Vice President is Riviera Travle USA, he said “Sometimes it’s tough to decide if we should cancel before a trip starts”, so the travel company didn’t know how to deal with this issue. There are lots of river cruises got cancelled at the time due to the low water. I think due to this situation, it’s better to take a plane or train for your trips if you have to across somewhere there, since companies and the government have already decided to stop the cruises.

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