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Sven Recycling Bin

This was a group project between Gentry Demchak, Shubhank Sahey, Yumeng Wang, and Yi Tang. In order to promote recycling on D12, the shared MFA DT and BFA DT work space, we decided to scan and 3D print everyone’s favorite person: Sven Travis. We made his head animatronic by utilizing a servo to control jaw movement. We also made eye using two of Adafruit’s 8×8 LED matrices. We also recorded his voice and had him recite different phrases. Some were banter, others were compliments. Finally, we glued his shrunken purple head onto a wooden post and nailed it to a trash bin (which really should have been spray painted blue to indicate recycling).

sven bin from Tang Yi on Vimeo.


In the original concept, we envisioned Sven shouting angry banter towards those who pass by and compliments for those who deposit recyclable items into the receptacle. This would require a second IR sensor. Additionally, jaw movement could be synchronized with voice had we used interrupts.

Ultimately, the project was short lived, but still a fun experience (though tears and blood were shed during the process – group work is hard). One more week would have made this a more successful project.

I am a Design and Technology Student at Parsons the New School for Design in NYC. I chew bubble gum and kick ass.

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