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  1. Punk rock group ‘Sex Pistols’ manager Malcolm McLaren and friend designer Viviane Westwood seen here outside Bow Street Magistrate Court, after being remanded on bail for fighting. (Photo by Daily Mirror / Bill Kennedy/Mirrorpix via Getty Images), June 08, 1977.
  2. I am very interested in UK punk culture, especially how fashion is being used in punk culture. The shirt that Vivienne Westwood is wearing in the picture is hand-made by herself and has a parody image of Queen Elizabeth which comes from the artist and anarchist Jamie Reid’s creation of the Sex Pistols’s song “God Save the Queen”. It’s very fascinating to me how punks categorized themselves through fashion.
  3. I personally am not a punk, but I’m always interested in punk culture especially UK punk and I always want to incorporate punk elements in my design. I have seen many examples of punk as a subcultural element made its way into high fashion, being wear in several red carpets etc..

  1. Woman wearing YSL’s iconic Le Smoking jacket, photographed by Helmut Newton, Rue Aubriot, Paris, 1975. In 1966, women wearing pants was considered inappropriate. Yves Saint Laurent introduced Le Smoking to the world, which is a tuxedo-style suit.
  2. I find this image interesting is the contrast between two women, one is dressing in suit which is considered male clothing at that time and another one is completely naked except having her hat and shoes on. Even though the model is wearing “male clothing” in the image, she is still having a very feminine tie and wearing high-heel shoes. I’m interested in how gender roles are manipulated by fashion brands to achieve certain effects.
  3. My personal style is also very simple and gender-neutral, but rather than elegant I would prefer a more sporty style. I would like to try to discuss how gender could be shown in fashion and in what ways in my designs.  

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