Int. Studio 2: Monument Deconstruction

Wallace Monument

  • Stirling, Scotland on top of the Abbey Craig
    • It is on top of Abbey Craig overlooking the River Forth because that is where Sir William Wallace fought the The Battle of Stirling Bridge.
  • Is a museum that shares the story of  Sir William Wallace: the man who fought for Scotland in the late 1200s against England (Scotland was oppressed and under England’s rule by King Edward I)
  • Funds were raised from the public, and a competition was launched for design for the monument after an initial proposal was deemed too anti-English.
  • Design by architect J.T. Rochead
  • Opened in 1869 after 8 years of construction.
  • It is in the location that it is in because Sir William Wallace fought the The Battle of Stirling Bridge there.
  • Built in a high location
  • Height 220 feet, 520 feet above the River Forth
  • An early proposal for the monument was a giant statue of Sir William Wallace on the scale of the Statue of Liberty.
  • Monument has four levels:
    • 1 Hall of Arms — 71 steps
    • 2 Hall of Heroes — 64 steps
    • 3 Royal Chamber — 62 steps
    • 4 the crown on the monument — 49 steps
      • 246 steps total
  • The Wallace Sword is kept in the monument
  • Extensive use of stained glass
    • 11 significant stained glass windows (that weren’t installed until 1885)






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