Action Plan for Final Project

By Week 11 I will have done:


1 Observation

(Research on camouflaging animals in nature w/ sketches)

1 Material investigation

(Collect sheer fabric scraps and layer them in a variety of ways)


By Week 12 I will Have done:

1 draft

(Sketch of the entire “landscape” and positions of the bottles)


By Week 13 I will have done:

1 Material Investigation

(Mixing paint with different mediums to create a variety of textures)

1 Observation

(Drawings while observing the changing light in my room over the day)


By week 14 I will have done:

1 Draft

(All bottles marked, starting collage)


By Week 15 I will have done:

1 Material investigation

(Photo tests with different lighting)


not like you, but pretty cool

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