Visual Backpack

“In case you remember, break glass” bag is like a time-capsule. I motivated the alarm box that we may have seen at buildings or train stations. In case of fire, people break the glass with the mini hammer, which is attached to the box, and press the alarm. In this particular project I tried to use the similar meaning, which in case I remember something from my past or present I can break the glass and have a glance at the object to remember.

The object that I have put in the bag are baby shoe, a small plane, and a Doraemon figure made with legos. The baby shoes represents my past, because I remember when I was little I did not know how to tie my shoes by myself, therefore I tripped over stepping on the laces often and cried a lot. The Doraemon is an my favorite animation figure of all time. Whenever I pass by him of any kind, like a doll, plastic figure, lego, pillow, cup, etc, I could not pass by without buying it. Also I wanted to portray my personality of playfulness and childishness though a Doraemon figure made out of a legos. The last object, a small plane represents my future. In the future I will be a food critic so I thought I would need a personal plane so that I can travel all over the world tasting world’s best restaurants.

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