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36 Questions_Jahyun Lee
Out of 36 questions that lead to love out group chose these two: When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else? And Would you like to be famous? In what way?
Jackie, Judy and I were signed to be positioned at Union Square. First time, we situated ourselves at the very center of the Union Square but the Square was empty, not many people passed by. We looked around and saw bunch of people sitting at the benches at the little part over the Union Square, so, with hope in mind, we moved to the center of the park’s entrance and held the post board facing towards people. Therefore people can notice us standing there and hoped to be answered by someone. But our wished did not come true. We forced out served to find a better place. Then we saw a crowd of people pouring out from the Union Square subway station. Without any words, we all walked towards the entrance of the subway station. We faced towards where the crowd came out. As people came up the stairs and had a glance20151001_110406 at our post board we saw many expressions. Some people thought the questions was silly so they just smiled at us and passed by. Other people just had no expression at all. And then all of sudden, the guy in the picture came up to us and started to read out loud the questions. He answered both of our questions spending probably 30-40 minutes and told his life stories, which was very lengthy enough to write a full page essay, without double space. But because of his nationality, he was using too many slangs, which I didn’t understand most of the times, plus he spoke too fast. The first question he answered was “When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else? He answered, “Music is part of me” and continued by saying “I know I’m getting myself out by singing.” He said singing is healthy, which many people do not realize it (I don’t know about that though). He just love the music and told us to be who we are, all of sudden. After answering it, he went to have little conversation with his friends who were next to him. We still stood there holding the sign, one guy just threw the answer “yesterday” while passing by. All I saw was back of his head. After few minutes, we changed the question. Our next questions was, “Would you like to be famous? In what way?” The same guy at the picture came again and started to read the question out loud once more. He said Drake is an asshole and added “ I’ll be famous and still be out here” I guess Drake think he is too famous to be part of the commoners? This is random but he explained about his personal project that he had been doing from few month ago until now. He basically comes to Union Square four days per week and spend money to homeless and acted as a companion to talk with them. He started to talk about how he has gone to jail and some deeper stories so we had to stop him. We met a chess man on our way and asked him the two questions since he showed an interest about the questions. I was surprised to hear him saying “I am already famous.” He should we really proud of what he is doing right now. Due to the cold weather that day, there wasn’t as many people at the Union Square as we expected it to be. I was hoping this activity to turn out to be very entertaining and interesting but it did not fulfill my satisfaction.

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