Chuck Close style portrait


This is a self-portrait stylized in Chuck Close’s portrait. “His portraits, the photos, and canvases were gridded off by assistants and then he used his mouth brush to paint, using the techniques of grisaille and pointillism within the grids. This is similar to technique used by the Impressionists and Pointillists. The result was still a canvas of mini-paintings, which when viewed from a distance are seen as a single or unified image.”( For this project we were to choose 3 or more objects to be put in each squares of the grids. I chose a bell, which Doraemon is were on his neck, a popcorn, since I like watching movies, and a red oval mark on the Google map application, to say that I like using the Google map to get to different destinations. I used a color pencil.


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  1. Johanna Jonas · April 26, 2023 Reply

    aların her bir karesine yerleştirilecek 3 veya daha fazla nesne seçecektik. Doraemon’un boynundaki zili, film izlemeyi sevdiğim için patlamış mısırı ve Google harita uygulamasında farklı yerlere g metin2 pvp serverler

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