Hybrid Avatar

We divided a human figure into layers to put our sharing characteristics and history. When you look from the front its just an ordinary human but when you look from the sides or above you can see diversities of layers. The first layer we transferred an image of an inside of human body and we made a hole at the part where the stomach is located and glued a pieces of noodle to represent our love towards eating and the marble at the head represents our blain. We used a clear marble to tell that we are going to fill in the emptiness as we grow up as parties with knowledges. The second layer represents about me. It is the pattern of catholic, where you can easily see it on the church windows. The third layers has same human body images as the first one but this time we made the hole at where our heart is located and hanged a red piece of a lego to represent out love towards making and creating something. The fourth layer is the patterns of Gotham which represents something about Jackie and Judy. The inner faces of the very first and last layer are the patterns of comic book, since we all enjoyed reading comics books and the characters. We made a traditional Korean clothing named, Hanbok, for our avatar to represent where I am from. We used blue and red to represent the Korean flag but also the red represents China as well. The gold cloth also where put to represent China. The figure is modified from the Leonardo da Vinci’s work “Vitruvian Man” to show even though it is one avatar, it is combination of three people, all together. 

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