Postcard project

The whole idea about this project was to contact my friend or family member and ask them about 5 things that they would do if they could be in New York. These can be things they would do with you or things they would do on their own. We then have to pick one from the list and actually do it. I asked my best friend back in Korea to list some thing that she wants to do with me if she where to be hear in New York. From the list of five I chose to “walk from soho to Korean down.” I basically took pictures of the street views and street numbers along my way from soho to Korean down. I made this postcard in zig-zag formation to add some activity with this postcard instead of just creating list of these images on one pages. I also saturated these images to create different colors and tones since all of the original picture generally contained mostly of green and blue so it looked dull. This is a slide show some a run through of the picture I have taken and how i edited them on the photoshop.

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