Genius Grant

For this genius grant project, I chose to introduce already existing protective screen doors in Korea. When I first experienced New York City’s subway station, I was very uncomfortable of the openness i felt between track and platform. I felt I am exposed to danger. Due to the openness, many people die from falling down on to the track or by subway suicide. This protective screen door will not only reduce amount of death in subway station but also reduces piston effect, unpleasant odor, and sound pollution. The led screen on the screen door will indicate information about approaching train, either is is express or local, train’s number, and it’s next destination so people won’t get confused anymore. On the faces of screen door, advertisements will be posted about brands, tourist attraction, and pieces of arts. All of the glass of the screen doors will be made with soundproof and bulletproof  glasses, and frames are going to be made with steels. The color of the frames will depend on the color of train. For example, the frame will be colored yellow for N,Q and R, green for 4,5 and 6, and red for 1,2 and 3. Overall, since subway station is government’s property, in order to get permission, i will be make high quality of 3-D model with using same materials that is going to be used in building real life size screen doors and propose it to the government. If i get approval, I am will continue this project until this protective screen door will be built in every single subway stations in New York City.

This slide show is captured images of my powerpoint.

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