Zine & Travelogue

Our group’s neighborhood was Chelsea. Among all the interesting places and topics to choose from, about Chelsea, we chose Chelsea Market, Highline, art galleries, and architecture. Also we also divided 4 senses, smell, touch, sight, taste, to be included in each topics. The sense of taste was included in Chelsea Market, the smell with Highline, touch with architecture, and sight with art galleries. The part I chose was the smell and Highline. My part of the zine includes following information: The history of highland from its creation and how the usage of Highline transform from one state to another over time. On one side of the zine contains pictures of the Chelsea Market, Highline, art galleries and some of the architecture. On the other side of the zine contains quick hand drawn style of images of each topic. At the very end of the zine, we glued the spices that “smell” like chelsea. The slides above will run through of the cover photos of chelsea for this zine.

This is a link to Youtube video that we made for our Travelogue. We basically took stop motion photos of our character, for me it was nose, going through the each of our designated place in Chelsea. Other characters like mouth, eye, and hand should also have included. www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0zEQW3MirA

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