Three topics assignment_ Seminar 2

Three topics assignment:


  1. My first chose is the relationship between food, product, and packaging. Products can help to experience food differently, by giving food a visual context and settings. It makes your meal already delicious without tasting. Also, packages increase expectations to foods. Create our senses of sight, taste, smell, hear very active while trying to open the packages. Furthermore, food is about sharing and company. Whether it is in the company of many friends or special person. Food, like all pleasures in life, is best when shared! Packaging or product that can create shared experiences will create interaction between each other. What would search about for this projects are different artists who does product designs and packaging designs for foods. Also read interviews of these artists on why they chose particularly food, how is it different from other product designs, and difficulties, etc.
  2. My second chose is the relationship between technology and food. Like how will the description of food be different between a person who eats with full concentration on phone and a person whose full concentration is on food be different? Could be an interesting question to be asked. I also believe technology makes people to eat alone more. I could search for relationship between tech. and food and how technology impact on our food habits.
  3. My last chose is the relationship between our senses and food. I believe when trying a food, we really need a full concentration and have our senses active. The relationship between smell and sates is very important because smells seem to come from the mouth. More research on the relationship between our senses and food will be needed.

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