Free Form Writing Color-Coded Word List




+ The air is very heavy and my mind is very heavy too

+ Amusing

+ Saggy

+ I am really in worry

+ Laziness

+ I don’t feel lonely at all




+ Ice cream

+ Men who cook

+ Chefs

+ Refrigerator

+ Eating




+ Saturday

+ My room

+ Friday

+ Winter break

+ I get to have extra weekend!

+ I try my best not to think academic stuff over the weekends

+ Window shelf

+ Bed

+ Fall asleep

+ Hand lotion

+ Sleep one more hour




+ Thomas Demand

+ Adobe programs for design

+ Hand craft works

+ “Do more of what makes you happy”

+ Happiness is always near me



When trying to make interesting question out of these connection, one way to do is, think about their characteristic. Each category, which I have made my own, has their own characteristics. For example, I have grouped and listed words or phrases that has to do with my academic interest. In this case, the question can be relating to my future goal or dream.

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