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Project Description

This study presents a product that is intended to enhance the eating experiences of people who are blind. This product is designed to help blind people more easily and effectively find their spoon and fork. I will be creating a special spoon case with a sensor. What this sensor does is, it makes a sound so a blind person will find it easily. The way blind people identify if what they are holding is spoon or fork, is through touching. In this case, the spoon and fork will get germs from hands. However, with this special spoon case, unless the person forgets if the spoon was placed left or right he/she doesn’t have to fumble to find the right one. This case will be made with rubber so it won’t break easily when it accidently falls down. It will also have bunch of hole at the bottom side so that when he/she washed the spoon and fork it can be placed right back to the case so he/she doesn’t have to look for it among many spoons or forks. The case will have special shape so he/she doesn’t have to worry about finding the front or back side.


Step 1. Name your topic: I am trying to learn about the difficulties blind people face with eating food


Step 2. Add an indirect Question: because I want to find out how they choose certain food? For example, how they know if it is a good strawberry or not? How do they find right tools? How do they know where the spoon, knife, fork, dish, water, ect? How will they cook?


Step 3. Answer So What? by Motivating Your Question: in order to help the audience/viewer to understand the difficulties of blind people towards food and this product will help reduce some of the problem which blind people face towards food

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