L.P. 3

1)What you would have done differently?

Managing my time was the biggest issue during the process of finishing up my final project. Because the whole semester was designed to be a steps towards our final project, we had to produce and have progression every week for the final product. If we waited until the end to finish the whole semester worth of work, our final piece won’t turn out to be successful. For me, my thought has been changed a lot over each and every week until the second week of our deadline. Along the way of researching I struggled a lot because my topic was something that have not been dealt broadly and because of this reason I could not get enough library resources. If I would have finalized my topic much earlier and had more time to think about what to make I believe I would have brought sometime more creative out of me. One think which I would have done differently was being able to use broad research tool and actually had interviewed with people who had direct relationship or contact with blind people because I was denied to interview blind people.

2)Room for improvement in your own process

There are a lot of room for improvement in my own process. First, as I mentioned previously, because I was denied to interview blind people at Lighthouse, I had to rely on the internet sources. I had hard time looking for interviews, videos, blogs, or organization that contained information that I needed. There was some restrictions and limitation. However, if I had worked on my way to reach people who had direct relationship with blind people like teachers, cashiers, friend, or volunteers my research would have been supported much better and enriched. I feel like I didn’t work hard enough to think about this before hand.

3)Next steps?

My next step will be trying to improve what I currently have. I remember what my classmates have commented on my product last week so I am planning to incorporate those suggestions to my work by Monday. I will be making more pouches in different sizes because someone mentioned about my final product being little too big. Ruth also mentioned about having colorful and well designed bag. Because they can’t see anything means they don’t deserve pretty pouch, they deserve it. Therefore, I am going to keep my neon colors.

4)What skills are you looking to build in the years to come?

The skills I am looking to build in the years to come is being able to use variety of searching engines and have seek for more help from people around me, either professors, classmates, or someone else. Probably some stitching skills as well J

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