Project Proposal Template for Studio (L.P.1)

Main Studio Project Proposal

Date: 3.8.16

Working Title of Studio Project:

Jahyun Lee:


Project Description

This study presents a product that is intended to enhance the eating experiences of people who are blind. This product is designed to help blind people more easily and effectively find their spoon and fork. I will be creating a special spoon case with a sensor. What this sensor does is, it makes a sound so a blind person will find it easily. The way blind people identify if what they are holding is spoon or fork, is through touching. In this case, the spoon and fork will get germs from hands. However, with this special spoon case, unless the person forgets if the spoon was placed left or right he/she doesn’t have to fumble to find the right one. This case will be made with rubber so it won’t break easily when it accidently falls down. It will also have bunch of hole at the bottom side so that when he/she washed the spoon and fork it can be placed right back to the case so he/she doesn’t have to look for it among many spoons or forks. The case will have special shape so he/she doesn’t have to worry about finding the front or back side.

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Step 1. Name your topic: I am trying to learn about the difficulties blind people face with eating food


Step 2. Add an indirect Question: because I want to find out how they choose certain food? For example, how they know if it is a good strawberry or not? How do they find right tools? How do they know where the spoon, knife, fork, dish, water, ect? How will they cook?


Step 3. Answer So What? by Motivating Your Question: in order to help the audience/viewer to understand the difficulties of blind people towards food and this product will help reduce some of the problem which blind people face towards food


List 3 Precedents Minimum (3 Minimum)

List each precedent and include the source, author(s)/artist(s), and please include a link where possible


I found this video from YouTube. This is a video of a restaurant called Le Petit Chef. What is unique about this restaurant is they play an animation on the table as if the little character is making a dish for the customer. You can see from the screen captured pictures, the little chef character is cutting vegetables, cooking meet for the customers until after the real food actually arrives. This will entertain people duing their waiting time of the food. This is not a food packaging but it is a product that can create positive manner towards the food by using technology.



2) APPETITE FOR DESIGN: EAT ME This is a product, packaging, art, branding, interior book showing examples of other artists’ works. I bought this in a book store before I came to Parsons This book gave me an interest to the topic of food packaging. The interviews of these artists were also very relevant to my project because they think food is an art and very beautiful thing

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This idea of using a touchable screen for ordering a menu gave me an inspiration thinking about my product. Instead of flipping paper menu that is flat and very ordinary, in my opinion, people will find more interested in this because of the different pictures of food, the vivid color, different layout of the menu, and being able to engaging.


List 3 Studio & Seminar Connections (3 Minimum)

Specify how Seminar research is being used and integrated into your Main Studio Project.

You must try to list how at least 3 threads of connection from Seminar that have affected your project in Studio.

1)Seminar part is more of researched and by reflecting these research I will be able to come up with actual product t

2)To explain more, seminar part will be a full and descriptive written piece describing what I made for studio class

3)From the researches I have done in seminar I and expand strengthening my studio work




Include your studio project’s research sources

  • Specify trustworthy Library source(s) Must have at least 1
  • Specify trustworthy Online source(s) Must have at least 1
  • Specify how you are making an effort to include Expert’s input. Name the expert(s), Title(s) & Area(s) of Expertise
  • Optional: Specify how you are using other forms of research: Interviews/Documentation you are conducting to use as content for the project
  • Optional: Additional source
  • Optional: Additional source
  • Optional: Additional source
  • Please note: Required faculty (for Seminar or Studio) sources indicated for students for further investigation are potentially TBA on a case-by-case basis
  1. Deshen, Shlomo “The Body in Culture, History, and Religion : Blind People : The Private and Public Life of Sightless Israelis.” SUNY Series. The order of the topics of this book aims to present an unfolding of the life experience of blind people, starting from the most personal and private, and leading onto broad public concerns. The book is composed of four chapters in which the live of sightless people are studies, which will be very helpful. This is a peer reviewed journal that I found using Parsons’ library therefore it is reliable.
  2. Bilyk, Marie Claire, Jessica M Sontrop, Gwen E Chapman, Susan I Barr, and Linda Mamer. “Food experiences and eating patterns of visually impaired and blind people.” Medline 2009: 13-18. This article contains researched about the impact of blindness on the experience of food and eating. In this qualitative study, the food experiences and eating patterns of visually impaired and blind people were examined. Influencing factors were also explored. This book exactly states my research topic which was the relationship between blind people and food. Very helpful and also reliable since it is found from library website. Also the work cited references, at the end, looked proper.
  3. “Americans with Disabilities Act. Guide for places of lodging: sensing guests who are blind or who have low vision,” US Department of justice. Last modified January 2001. This article is about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Places of public accommodation, including hotels, motels, and other places of transient lodging, to ensure that everyone regardless of disability has an equal opportunity to enjoy their services and facilities. By reading this articles it will help me to found more about the possible difficulties blind people face in restaurants. This source was one of the work cited reference from the previous source (number2)
  4. Julie Garden-Robinson, Sherri Stastny, Casey Kjera, Krystle McNeal, Stacy Wang. “Cooking and Eating with Low Vision.” Presentation at the NDSU Extension Service, Fargo, ND, March 2013. This presentation is provided to help participants to understand the effects of low vision on health and nutrition. It also provides low vision food preparation tips and strategies to use when eating out. This source is reliable since this is a presentation from North Dakota State University and the lesson planers are possessing Ph.D., R.D., L.R.D. This information will help to gather more information about blind people and food
  5. “Tips for Living with Low Vision,” Department of Health Services
    Division of Long Term Care Office for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Last modified October 2013. This article generally is about list of suggestions to help simplify the activities blind people perform in their daily livings. Looking at all these lists I found out how much extra steps blind people have to take just to place toothpaste on toothbrush. These information is a useful sources for blind people but it also helps me in collecting information about the difficulties blind people face in living
  6. Fraser, C. F.. 1917. “Psychology of the Blind”. The American Journal of Psychology 28 (2). University of Illinois Press: 229–37. doi:10.2307/1413723. This part of the book is about the research of the relationship between 5 senses. For example, the experiment as to comparative delicacy of touch in persons with and without sight. At the same time testing the senses of hearing and smell. This is a reliable source because it is published by University of Illinois.
  7. Tadić, V., G. Lewando Hundt, S. Keeley, and J. S. Rahi. 2015. “Seeing it my way: living with childhood onset visual disability.” Child: Care, Health & Development 41, no. 2: 239-248 10p. CINAHL Plus with Full Text, EBSCOhost (accessed March 15, 2016). Children’s own perspectives of living with a visual impairment have not been considered. This book report the experiences of visually impaired children and young people aged 10-15 years about growing up with impaired sight. I might not be using this source but incase I want to write small portion about childhood blind for later
  8. Page, Lawrence. 1989. “Visual Disability and the Elderly”. BMJ: British Medical Journal 298 (6686). BMJ: 1519–19. This journal is about the elder blind people. I might also not use this. But incase I need information about elder blind people.
  9. Dorman, David. 1995. “Technically speaking.” American Libraries 26, no. 11: 1143. Professional Development Collection, EBSCOhost (accessed March 15, 2016). This article presents information on products for the blind and visually impaired. Xerox Imaging Systems, TeleSensory, etc; Distributors; Specialty products; Internet resources; More. This will help in my conclusion providing evidence to my hypothesis which is there are not enough product or amenities for blind people.
  10. Manis, Debbie. “‘Dining in the Dark’ to Raise Awareness about Visually Impaired ‘.” McClatchy – Tribune Business News Apr 08 2014 15 Mar. 2016 . This article is about the event is designed to create awareness about the challenges of being blind and to raise funds for New Vision for Independence, a nonprofit that provides assistance and training for blind and visually impaired adults in Lake and Sumter counties.


List intended Media & Materials Exploration


Specify media you are intending to use

  • I am planning to use Adobe Premiere, which is first time for me, in making the animation
  • I am also going to either use 3D printer to make the package or work by hand


Provide 3 materials explorations you have already executed or intend to execute

1)Adobe Premiere

2)3D printer

3)cardboard? Form board?



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