Stop Motion Film

By far my favorite project so far, for the third Time project, I created a stop motion film using cut paper.

I wanted my short film to be lighthearted and funny so I came up with the concept of Alphabet Soup: a man and a woman getting dressed up for their fancy night at a French restaurant, only to misread the menu and accidentally order Alphabet Soup.

I began by finding vintage paper dolls and backgrounds online, scaling them to size and then printing them out on sturdy off-white paper. I happen to have a piece of black velvet that I used for a background as well.

After arranging all of my paper pieces, I set up my camera on a tripod, messed around with the settings until the photos looked like I wanted them to and began shooting. I ended up with hundreds of photos, switching the positions of the paper pieces between each shot.

After importing the images to my computer, I edited each of them and dragged them over to Premiere Pro, the program I used to edit the film and give it sound and motion.

Editing didn’t take as long as shooting did, and Premiere Pro is an easy program to learn how to use.

I’m pleased with how this project turned out and feel that this was my most successful project for Time so far.

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