Interviewing my Opposite

The alter ego I created is a stereotypical corporate bitchРshe received an Ivy league education and used her business management skills to claw her way to the top of a travel magazine company where she reigns supreme as CEO.

For this assignment, our alter egos were tasked with interviewing each other. Ruth Rae was my interviewee, a superhero turned spoken word poet using her literary skills to uplift viewers through her spoken word performances.

The unlikely pairing made for an interesting interview. Ruth’s humble¬†and down to earth personality clashed with my stuck up attitude, but Ruth’s interview skills chipped away at my hard exterior and revealed a softness that had been lost.

During this unit, the class read a piece describing works by Marina Abramovic and Ulay. Although this didn’t directly inspire my writing or interview, I enjoy learning about Abramovic’s work because she is one of my favorite contemporary artists.

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