Readings in Seminar

A few particularly memorable readings stand out to me from this semester.

The first of which is Patti Smith’s Just Kids. Although we only read an excerpt of this book, the vulnerability of the writing drew me in so much that I went out and bought the book just so I could finish reading Smith’s story. I liked reading this extremely personal piece of writing and it inspired me to be more vulnerable in my own work.

Perhaps one of the most interesting conversations we had in class stemmed from Nickled and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich. The subject of this piece was intriguing in and of itself, but it led the class to discuss whether or not the author was being fair by placing herself in the position that she did and essentially taking other people’s jobs, people that ACTUALLY needed them.

The Vito Acconci piece was crucial in helping shape interview skills including question writing and answering.

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