Jelly Self Portrait

For the food self portrait assignment, I raided my kitchen cabinets for the right foods to construct my face out of. I eat a lot of sandwiches, so most of the supplies I had were sandwich making foods such as bread, cheese, jelly, and peanut butter.


Initially, I wanted to burn my face into a piece of toast by making a stencil and using a lighter to burn through the holes of the stencil. I searched the web for some inspiration and to see if anyone had done this before and what materials they used. I stumbled upon The Selfie Toaster and other similar products where you can upload your image to a website and they will ship you a toaster that burns your face into a piece of bread every time you want to make toast.

white balance bread


This toast idea fell through, so I then took the stencil I made of my face and spread grape jelly over the top. When I took the stencil off, just the darker outlines and details of my face remained on the piece of bread.

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