MoMA Reflection + Scenes of Representation Ideas

I loved the use of manipulation in this exhibit. Some of my favorite works included the large prints by Lieko Shiga and the wall of prints manipulated by color by Basim Magdy.

Anouk Kruithof’s work in particular and the media she used inspired me. I hadn’t thought of doing an overlay of plexiglass on my photos before but I am considering it as an option for my project.

I was also inspired by the volumes of books containing the entire solar system. I had considered doing a smaller scale photo book for my project but don’t know if that is the best form for my project to take.


  1. A series called “Constants” where I feature the common feelings, activities, or thoughts that have emerged throughout Jaewon’s life. I would take photos of her trying to explain to me these events or feelings and use those as an overlay to a repeat pattern representing what she’s talking about.
  2. Take photos of Jaewon and overlay pieces of plexi (perhaps with etched designs on it) and use nails to distance the plexi from the actual prints (each photo has the plexi raised a different distance to represent how distanced Jaewon is or isn’t from something from her hometown or past etc.)
  3. In terms of scale: I think hanging large scale photos up on a wall is very cold and won’t allow viewers to really relate to or get to know Jaewon? I would ideally love to hand out wallet sized or smaller photos to everyone so they can be examined closely.
  4. Using embroidery thread to connect the pictures together if I do have to hang them to show the connectivity of certain themes in Jaewon’s life.

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