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When coming up with the idea for this project I thought of a problem in my daily life that I wanted to try and solve, which was the effectiveness (or lack of) raincoats and boots. My proposed solution to this problem is a full umbrella suit, hands-free.

To make this, I deconstructed and reconstructed two umbrellas using tools such as a jewelers saw, drill, screw, awl, and wire. I made a new umbrella structure and put a stopper in the rod so that it would only open halfway. I extended the “arms” of the umbrella to make it longer and attached a longer rod to run the length of my spine.

After I made the frame, or skeleton, of the umbrella suit, I cut triangle shaped panels of yellow vinyl and first tried sewing them together before finally figuring out that fusing them using an iron would be a better option. After my panels were fused, I slipped the vinyl topper onto the umbrella skeleton and attached it using a rubber band and sticking the wire pieces to the vinyl.

To attach it to my body, I put the rod in my jeans pocket and belted the rod around my waist and head using string.

I consider this a prototype and starting point for the full umbrella bodysuit I envisioned. To make the full suit, I would make more sturdy wire arms and extend the vinyl past my knees so that it can truly be head to toe. I would also make a more secure attachment to my body and construct a back brace or backpack to hold the umbrella suit so that it can be both sturdy and hands free.

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