Freshman Year Project

Integrative Studio 1: Memory

Professor: Barbara Siegel

Integrative Studio 2: Fashion

Professor: Tamar Samir

Inspiration comes from:

Drawing/ Imaging: People

Professor: Jon DeMartin

Space/ Materiality: Community 

Professor: Derek Haffar

Wire and Hand Project

Wood Project

Plastic Project

Time: Composition

Professor: Rory Solomon

static movie project orchid tian lan from Orchid Lan on Vimeo.

This project is for my Time:Composition class which my professor Rory Solomon asked us to make a static movie project. I loved the girl from Persepolis, so I screenshot the movie and made a new story of me killing another boy.

Rain from Orchid Lan on Vimeo.

wind from Orchid Lan on Vimeo.