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The section I had from Einstein’s Dreams was the one that involved body time and mechanical time. When I explored NYC for this, I found myself taking a photo of people entering the subway. What interested me about this photo was the “mechanical time”, or blurred portion of people rushing to get onto the subway, and the “body time”, shown by the girl standing near the subway entrance.

The aspect of movement and stillness stood out to me. The difference between the two varies. A stillness can be found when one is relaxed and resting, and yet stillness can also be found in one who is constantly on their feet and only stops for short periods of time.

FullSizeRender (8)

In applying this to footwear, I decided on a resilient sole, one that can be compressed and also spring back into its original form. This is to show that no matter what kind of pause, short or long, one will always go back to being in motion.

Material Ideas:


-Hollow tubes made of sheet metal






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