Choreographing an Encounter

For my encounter, I plan on going to a tattoo parlor. I chose this location because I’ll be getting matching tattoos with my sister and I also have a fear of needles.

Location: Body and Soul Tattoo in Jersey City, NJ.

Cost: Around $120

Aftercare for tattoos

What my first time getting a tattoo might be like

Mentally preparing my self for my first tattoo

Reviews of the shop

My Artist

Ways I can document the encounter:

– Video of either myself of my sister getting the tattoo (Maybe a video of the whole procedure and then speeding it up?)

– Sound recording: the buzz of the tattoo machine, people in the shop

– Photos

– Also if there were other people getting tattoos maybe I could talk to them and photograph them (With permission)

*Before doing any of the above I would ask the tattoo artist if it would be acceptable*


I feel like I was most prepared for this project. The research helped me understand the encounter better and made me realize exactly what I wanted to focus on. I ended up using an encounter between my mother and myself about my planned encounter. My mother only cared about my appearance in a wedding dress and how my tattoo might affect that. I used this for my studio project and designed a “tattooed bride”.

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