Time Mapping Essay

Time Mapping Essay

The purpose of Time Mapping is to explore past, present, future, memories, and more, through cut-ups. This process includes cutting words out of magazines or articles and combining them to create new phrases, sentences, or ides. The words can stand on their own as well.

I enjoyed the process of mapping with words because it gave me the opportunity to explore texts and look at them in different ways. In a collaboration piece, my partner and I came up with the idea to cut out passages, or paragraphs of text, and block out almost all of it. We left choice words that when brought together, created a new meaning.

My partner and I chose to do a mixture of the meanings of words but with the general positions being past, present, and future, left to right on our horizontal page. The left side deals with words such as history, before, and the creation of space. We thought that the beginning of anything can be compared to the vastness of space. The word “time” comes into play multiple times to emphasize that time is always there. The letters are skewed into different directions, suggesting that time has no direction. The word “new” is used is a funky purple font. We used this to show that things can get different or weird but it’s “new”, and therefore in the future or immediate present.

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