This interactive map depicts modern indigenous music sub-cultures across North America/Turtle Island. Each marker indicates the location of an indigenous recording artist or band. You can listen to the music and learn more about the artists by clicking the markers. You may also explore artists as listed alphabetically in the map’s sidebar (which opens when you click the arrows in top right-hand corner). The markers have been color-coordinated according to genre; you can select which genres to explore by ticking or unticking the boxes in the lower left-hand corner.

If you are in or know of an indigenous band or artist not yet featured on the map, you can create new entries by clicking the blue “Add” button. For more technical information on how to add entries, please visit the ZeeMaps site. Bands should include one or more members who have publicly identified themselves as Native American or First Nations either within their music or in media surrounding their work.

Please keep in mind, this is by no means a comprehensive list. The genres and locations are often approximate based on public information about the artist(s). This is a continuous and interactive project, so the map is subject to constant change. Use the contact form, if you would like to request a deletion or change in content.

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