Space/Materiality: Draw String Bag

String Bag Process:

1. Cut fabric rectangle 54″x28″


2. Iron fabric

3. On the long side fold, press, and pin at 3/8” to hem the raw edge. Machine stitch at 1/4” from the fold


4. Fold again at 3/4” to finish hemming and contain the raw edge, press, and pin. Machine stitch at 1/8” from the first fold (between first fold and first stitch) to make draw string cavity.

5. Fold fabric in half (with the seams on the outside) and pin. Machine stitch at 1/4” from the edge (be careful to begin stitch after draw string opening).

6. Pin together bottom edges of bag. Machine stitch at 1/4” from the edge.

7. Turn bag inside out.

8. Insert wire through draw string cavity and loop end. Tie string to wire loop and pull string through cavity.


9. Open bag fully before cutting string length. Tie string ends.


Overall, I think the bag resulted successfully. However, there were some difficulties during the process such as reversing the stitch and putting string through cavity. Since it was my first time using sewing machine, I kind of suffered at the beginning but now I at least know how to use it.


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