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Final: Networked Self


For my final project, I want to create an interactive web page where the user can navigate an image. There is no intent or goal for users, but rather experience the image by their senses. Wherever the curser is placed, the screen will change into another page. I plan to use music as background audio along with images that I have taken.

I was inspired by various mystery games I would play when I was younger. You would have to analyze an image and find hidden clues until navigating in to the next play scene. But rather than playing a clue game, I wanted to incorporate the visual analysis into my website.

Story Board/Design






Overall, coding was a great experience. It was a bit difficult at first since you have to get used to the coding language but after that, its fun. I thoroughly enjoyed how Dan created this assignment, I truly believe exploring your artistry is essential when creating professional work! Hopefully I would like to continue learning more about HTML and CSS.

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