Playing by the Rules, Reflection & Documentation

I took the photos for the porject, however, they weren’t taken on my phone and I don’t have Amal’s contact information.


This project was a very hard one to get into. Personally, from the start, I didn’t see how making a game could help me in anyway possible, also I knew I had to work with a group, so that made it worse. However, I was paired w two people I was really cool with along side two others. Moreover, we each had specific skills that made it pretty easy to divide up the jobs (listed at the bottom of the page.) As a group, we went through many trails and errors, espiceally with the basic idea of the game, but we managed to pull through anyways. We had several incidents where a group memeber was absent due to sickness so it was hard communicating ideas and catching the person up. At one point, we had to make the board all over again due to material constraints.

All in all, the project was pretty fun to do, the game didn’t come out perfect but it was fun to play with my group and see all the hard work we accomplish come to life. I still don’t like working in groups, but I did enjoy not having to worry about everything myself. Which in away stressed me out more, because say if my team mate didn’t get something done on time, we’re a group, we all go down togther. Also, that meant someone had to pick up the slack last mintue, which is pretty stressful. Furthermore, everyone has a different style and technique, so even though we reached an agreement on excatly what to do, everyone wants to put in their own little twist, even though the rst of us didn’t argee, causing even more stress. I’d say the only reason this project wasn’t as stressful as all my other group projects was because it was a game, which mean it was supposed to be fun. Not eveything had to be so serious all the time, which I really enjoyed.


Me:Jonathan and I was paired up to find the specific collection pieces that would follow suit, for what we wanted to portray in the game: underrepresented artist of color. In addition, I assisted in curating the game’s rules and regulation, and helped with little things like painting the pieces, alongside searching and buying materials. 

Amal: Gave the initial idea of the game and designed the graphics of board game.

Jonathan: helped Amal in restructuring the design of our game, set the foundation of the mechanics of the game wit Autumn, Amal and myself. Assisted Ari in the production of the board and game pieces. Organized the collection of the game with me and provided further assistance in the physical production of the playing cards. 

Autumn: Created rule book, created bonus cards and wrote the whole report.

Ari: Was left in charge to design and build the structure of the board game, and pieces.


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