City as Resource/Finding Inspiration Visit 3

Adrian Piper: A Synthesis of Intuitions, 1965–2016


  1. What is Adrian Piper’s ethnicity and race?
  2. Why was she so drawn to text?
  3. Why is it titled “A Synthesis of Intuitions, 1965-2016?”
  4. Why specifically 1965-2016?
  5. What medium did she originally find her grounding?
  6. What influenced her pieces?
  7. What triggered the concept for the pieces in “Everything will be erased?”
  8. What does erasurer mean to Piper?
  9. Did Piper help curate the gallery or was it all MoMa’s doing?
  10. Is Adrian Piper her full name, because in some if the LSD paintings she had them tagged Adrianne?


  1. Mixture of drawings, paintings, written/typed text, videos, audio and installations
  2. The whole 6 floor was dedicated to this gallery
  3. Concrete Infinity Documentary Piece, each piece was written by Piper herself and hate a self portrait in the top left hand corner. If the words extended to a second page, there was no picture
  4. The Mythic Being: I/You/(Her), each picture had a speech bubble added during post editing, then speech written with sharpie on top
  5. There weren’t many colored pieces. Most were black & white, or very dull
  6. “Feel free to take one” could take home a copy of certain pieces
  7. Safe #1-4, pieces placed in a small room, where as each piece was placed hanging in each corner, as compared to the traditional middle placement on a wall
  8. Sitting was provided for almost every video piece. Sitting was arranged or decorated in a specific way
  9. There was an area, where security guard where leaning against a sign that said “Must hum in order to walk through” people, including myself really had to hum to get to other side of gallery
  10. Diverse gallery observers

Going to see this exhibit really influenced my project in multiple ways, to the point where I will be continuing this project after the class has ended to expand on multiple ideas I have. I also am hoping to be able to showcase this project in a gallery one day to get the full effect of what i’m going for. But as for what I will be turning in for my final, Piper has gave me multiple new perspectives on how I can possibly incorporate words with my images. Whether that be writing them on after print out with a sharpie in some sorts, or having typed written texted photoshopped on to each piece or even just having them separate and placed on top of each other with a paperclip. There are many other options that Piper had presence, these were just to name a few. While there, I also came across one of her installations where it was a small box, large enough to house 1 or 2 people at a time. Whereas the walls were fully covered in something similar to my wheatpasting idea. This gave me a few ideas of how to go about my idea.


Being: New Photography 2018


  1. Why were these specific artist selected to showcase their work under this title?
  2. Why did MoMa curated this gallery in this specific way?
  3. How did Carmen Winant find all these women to consent to him taking pictures during/preparing for labor?
  4. What geared Shilpa Gupta to cut his images up and hang them that specific way?
  5. Why’d Andrzej Steinbach frame his images in the way he did?
  6. What prompted each individual to accept being apart of the gallery, or did they submit, or was this just pulled up for the MoMa’s archives?
  7. Was any of the artist included in helping to curate the exhibit?
  8. How can we think through the varying ethnic backgrounds of all 17 artists and their context in relation to one another?
  9. In what way did each artist’s piece connect to being human?
  10. What does the “new” in New Photography refer to? Is it in relation and comparison to an old way of doing? How can we understand what it means to call an act “new” or “modern?”


  1. “Can photography capture what it means to be human?” This was the first opening sentence of the gallery synopsis
  2. The walls when you first enter the beginning or end of the gallery is yellow
  3. Shilpa Gupta’s Untitled piece had images cut in half or pieces and aligned with other one’s. Some even had texted to go along with the piece
  4. Andrzej Steinbach’s Untitled piece was each person in one original photographs framed. So you can see part of the other people in each frame.
  5. Carmen Winant’s piece was a collection of over 2k pictures during/preparing for labor, hung up with blue painters tape
  6. 17 artist
  7. All artist come from different racial and ethnic background
  8. On a floor with multiple other galleries
  9. There is no signifier as to whether the artists knew one another before the curation of this gallery
  10. Some images don’t include the human body at all

I honestly don’t know how this exhibit influences my project. Besides 2 artist, I wasn’t really intrigued much. I did however, come across two different ways to incorporate both text and images into my piece so they work simutamoeuly together. Sadly, both ways aren’t paths I want to take for my project, but did give me some insight. However, I did stumble upon different options for hanging pieces, which could be helpful, If I include extra images outside of the wheatpasting idea. However, giving the time frame and my availability, I probably won’t include extra images and just save that idea for expanding on the project.

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