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Gunther Comics

Gunther is a small stuffed toy dinosaur that I’ve has since I was in Elementary School.  Because he looks so innocent and unassuming, I feel that he lends himself to drama in my comics.  While he is often the victim of unfortunate circumstances, I can confidently say that no Gunthers were harmed in the making of any of these comics.

In this installment of Gunther Comics, Gunther is left alone with another stuffed animal: Skin Graft Monkey (an actual flesh-colored sock monkey that I made).  This comic was made in Typography class.


Gunther’s New Friend


Bedtime Stories and Other Disturbances

Before moving to NYC to finish my undergrad at Parsons, I had my final art show in Michigan.  The title of the show was “Bedtime Stories and Other Disturbances.

In this collection of work, I wanted to illustrate the inherent traumas of childhood.  I have vivid memories of being a child, and being constantly afraid.  If it wasn’t monsters, it was my parents.  The main theme throughout childhood was my lack of control, whether in playdates, emotionally unhinged parents, forced interactions with creepy family members. In all of my pieces, I show this lack of control: the child is powerless, and often in danger–either imagined or imminent .

I used Copic Fineliner pens for all of these pieces.  In “Bedtime Story” and “Twins” I also use Moltow Acrylic Markers.





“Slug Sister”

“Bedtime Story”