Cooper Hewitt Museum Post

The Cooper Hewitt Museum was one of the best museum visits I’ve experienced in New York. I was surprised I’ve never heard of it because it consisted of the style of modern art that I like which is interactive art. The experience with interactive art one person has can be completely different for another person; it can evoke different emotions whether it is intimacy or comfort or just bliss. Many of them had to do with smell and I enjoyed it because I love smelling perfumes and candles in general. When I looked for inspiration for our project within the museum it was more difficult because I knew I wanted to do something in the direction of drawings or paintings. However, I realized that I could get a lot of inspiration from the graphic design choices the artists made for their pieces. The pieces that stood out to me were the album cover pieces for the diagonal records. The vibrant colors and stylized lines were so visually stimulating it really showed how I picture how dance tracks and post-punk music to sound like. The art pieces also gave a pop art feel which is something I want to try in my project.

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