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East Harlem has undergone several changes over the course of years, gentrification is one that has affected the community and has caused displacement and loss of identity in the community.


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I will be using a cardboard box and painting it in order to make my cabinet and will be making small artifacts to refrences the sources posted above.

Lenika Silva, or rather Leni, is a native New Yorker attending Parsons School of Design. As of right now she is undeclared but excited to see what her first year as a student at The New School will steer her towards. She original had set her heart on film but decided that she would like to learn about other forms of media and art that were never available for her at her high school. Some interesting facts about Leni: Leni is scared of pigeons even though she is a Native New Yorker. She lives in Spanish Harlem (they trying to change the name to SoHa (South Harlem) and it pains her soul. She is Mexican so she loves spicy food and can speak Spanish. First Generation college student and she is so proud to be part of The New School Community! Class of 2021

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