Disorders of Time: process

The following is the journey through Project 4: Disorders of Time, the final project for Time.


End of Day Progress


First Draft

What I’m struggling most with in this project is trying to make the video interesting. With the previous assignment (Speed Up, Slow Down) I had such a solid idea of what I wanted to show and how I wanted to show it, that I gave much less thought to how interesting the video would be, I mostly just wanted to get my point across. But with the final project, I’ve been working solely with footage, that lacks content, which is perhaps why I’ve been focusing much more on how interesting the video is to watch by itself. It’s a very difficult thing to determine and has made me think differently about the process that professional film makers go through. How do they know if something they are making will be interesting for others to watch? Somehow it’s different if what you’re making is a painting, because the viewer can think it’s beautiful and then move on. The viewer of a video can’t get off as easily. They have a set amount of time they have to look at it for.


Second Draft

Again, I was still have trouble finding something interesting in my footage. After I finished this draft, I decided to really shake it up.


Weird Draft


Stylistic References:

These are videos I used for ideas as well as footage.

The Five Most Mysterious Sounds Ever Recorded

“Beast Infection” by Grimes (accessed here)

Sea Monsters – A Walking with Dinosaurs Trilogy (HD Quality) [Ep. 1] (much of my sea monster footage came from here)

Death of a Sea Monster

America’s Loch Ness Monster [Paranormal Documentary]

Strange Japanese Sea Creatures

Sea Monsters

Underwater Whale Sounds- Full 60 Minute Ambient Soundscape (this is where I got the eerie noises from)

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