Final project

Final project, marble dust and acrylic on Masonite, 18″x 24″



For my final piece, I wanted to explore more materials and techniques. I used acrylic paint, matte medium, wax medium, and marble dust, while utilizing a scrub brush, sandpaper, spray bottle, palette knife and brushes to manipulate the paint at different stages. I was particularly fascinated with the idea of creating a three dimensional surface with the paint, and worked a lot on moving the marble dust and paint around the masonite board to create a texture that would invoke  mountain ranges, valleys, trenches, and crashing waves. I was influenced heavily by the work of Mark Rothko, Richard Tsao, Blane de St. Croix, as well as artists who abstract landscapes like the works of Luc Leestemaker and Estaban Vicente. Replicating nature with unnatural materials and creating familiar forms out of abstraction really appealed to me and were concepts I considered throughout my process.

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