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232, oil on canvas, 20 in x 22 in; 2016
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232 detail

This piece depicts my recollection of childhood memories. The painting is a confluence of certain aspects drawn from family photographs that depict moments from my childhood. While I could remember certain things from the photographs (a particular couch or picnic bench, my childhood home), the memories remained largely inaccessible to me so many years after they happened. Recently I have been thinking about the importance of my childhood in shaping who I am now as a young adult, and it struck me that I could not clearly remember these years so fundamental to my individuality.The piece challenges the presentation of photographs as absolute truth, and considers likewise the reliability of memories on constructing reality.

The piece perhaps does not well convey the action of memory, and it was suggested during the critique that the use of repetition would be more conducive to the depiction of memory or the action of remembering.


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