Edublogs and WordPress – Embedding a sound file from Soundcloud

There are many types of media that can be embedded into a WordPress post: youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, etc. Here’s how to do it!

  1. Create a new post and give it a name.
  2. Add some descriptive text.Screenshot 2014-02-26 15.15.31
  3. Get your embed code of your sound fileScreenshot 2014-02-26 15.18.26Screenshot 2014-02-26 15.20.16
  4. Switch to the tab in the Post editor called “Text” This allows you to add code to your post.
    Just past the embed code in and switch to the “Visual” tab.Screenshot 2014-02-26 15.22.47
  5. Add a category and tags and click PUBLISH
  6. Go and look at your blog post and edit it if you need to make any corrections.Screenshot 2014-02-26 15.25.58
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