Zoom H1 recorder tutorial

Here’s a good tutorial on using the Zoom H1 recorder.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Try to always record with headphones on so you can monitor what you are recording
  2. Watch your levels – if your recording is too “hot” the files will be clipped.
  3. Beware of hand noise! the device is very sensitive and will pick up your fingers on the recorder. This is another good reason to record with headphones on.
  4. Watch out for the switched on the back of the unit (Low Cut, Auto Levels) they are easy to accidentally flip and they will impact your recording.

Downloading your files

  1. With a USB cord
    • With the unit powered down, use a camera USB cord to plug the Zoom into your computer. (If you don’t have a cord please let John know!)
    • The Zoom will turn on automatically.
    • You see the words “CARD” and “AUDIO IO” flashing. Wait a moment and it will read “USB”
    • You will now see H1_SD loaded on your desktop. This is the card from the camera and it has your files on it.
    • Open the folder STEREO and FOLDER 1 and transfer the files to your computer.
    • When you are done You can delete the files from the card and free up space on the Zoom.
  2. Using the mini-SD card
    • Remove the mini-SD card
    • Insert the card into the SD card converter
    • Insert into a card reader and remove your files.
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