1: The process of drawing in the Fine Art manner (Abstract), taking the simple teaching tool of progress collages but somehow taking it to another level. Drawing subject could deal with transience of time.
2: A project focusing on the new modern ideals of strength for men and women. (or just one?)

3: Tap dancing, a video that could use tap dancing similar to the Metronome Symphony or even having tap dancing happening even further out of context. This would be strong based in Sound.
4: Technology – create a completely useless machine (e.g. automatic fridge opener)
5: Link in with my new performance piece – follow it from conceptualisation to performance (video documentation)
6: Predict trends using art history to now?
7: Repetition of an action, documented. Obviously this would be taken further than just that…
8: A study of appropriate ways for women to sit throughout the times. Investigating the evolution of female ideals.
9: Fast food religion and rituals.
10: Recreating my earliest childhood memories, re-performing them in a sense. (e.g. attending a baby ballet classs as the lone adult, getting lost in the mall and having to be found, etc)

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Artist in New York City

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