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For my final project I want to explorer women and how they were able to break out from the norm and because successful. Another idea is to discuss the power of women, motivation for growth, equal rights. Overall I want to create a project that deals with encouraging women to succeed and understand that they are equal and have the power to grow more than men.

1. Magazine that has articles that encourage woman — showing success stories

2. Visuals that show how women broke out of the norm through fashion.

3. Create a piece (for example a tux) that is considered “masculine” and make it feminine — showing power and equality.

4. Interview women and understand why they believe they do not have equal rights.

5. Interview men and see their perspective about women.

6. Combine interviews from men and women and see the difference. Who is actually the group who believes that women are not equal or that couldn’t as successful.

7. do a  photo collage inspired on the “Humans of NY” but only of women, and collect quotes and phrases.

8. Create a collection or a sketch combining different trends that lead to the woman’s right movement in the 1920s.

9. Consider different perspectives about what businesses do when hiring a woman.

10. Short documentary about women in businesses

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  1. John Roach · April 22, 2014 Reply

    I think this is a great topic, but you have 2 challenges:

    1. to make the project specifically about time. About some aspect of time we have discussed in the course

    2. to consider this an installation. A book is not an installation, any more than a blender or a pencil sharpener is an installation. it is an object you engage with in time, but is space independent.

    A Magazine is a great form, but how is this idea going to set itself apart from that countless other magazines that explore the power of women?

    To consider this IN SPACE as well as TIME you might want to think about what this project is in opposition to. There is a kind of TIME related to your idea. It is historical. What are the narratives and timelines that represent your idea? What are the timelines that represent the opposite of your idea?

    some questions:
    How can you create contrast within your idea?
    what are ways to push your idea into an installation concept?
    What are other places that might suggest the OPPOSITE of your idea? What are institutions that decease the power of women?
    What are magazines that do the opposite of what you are trying to do?
    What are other successful examples of awareness raising that you can connect to your idea?

    ALSO Here’s the original instructions for the proposal
    The project begins with a statement of purpose
    This is the what how and why of the proposal.

    What is the subject of your project? In other words, what is it about?
    How does the project propose to explore time? How is time a critical part of it? How is it meant to be experienced — Who is the project for? How does the context for the piece help to give it meaning?
    Why have you chosen this particular idea to pursue?

    Write a three paragraph initial proposal covering the What, How and Why of your idea.
    Posted this initial proposal to the blog with the following
    – initial sketches
    – relevant photographs
    – relevant research
    – draw connections to the Open Works examples posted on the blog

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