Creating a Grid layout with InDesign

1. Here’s my introductory handout in creating a 12 column grid:
indesign 12 column grid

2. Here’s a PDF about using grids when creating page layouts.
here’s a quote from the PDF

Why Use a Grid?
That’s a fair question and I get where you’re coming
from. Grids give you an opportunity to design in the
fast lane, they make your design semi-autonomous,
which may turn a lot of you off (keep an open mind
or you’ll miss out). Essentially they give you a tool to
create with an underlying consistency and allow you
to think less about basic design principles and more
about finding a design solution. This allows you to
design at a more advanced level, being more able to
think about advanced concepts like page rhythm. They
also give you a structure place your page elements on.

3. Here’s a very basic video introduction to working with grids in InDesign


4. Here’s a more comprehensive tutorial
Note that you won’t be able to watch them unless you are logged in to
If you haven’t gotten access yet (It’s free through the New School) Here are some instructions.

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