Time final project-Awakening

Finished final project

Sketches and brainstorming


Summary of idea and material

Once I had a dream, in which I was walking in my junior high school. Many students passed by, and I was walking among them. The uniforms consisted with blue and white looked so familiar and so strange. It’s been 4 years after I graduated from junior high school. Sometimes I dream of it, but it’s not the school that i missed. Then I saw him, the one who has completely changed my life, who made me, me. He was walking in front of me, in a distance. The moment I recognized him, all of a sudden, the world changed. The high black wall forward was filled with colors, vivid and splendid. That’s the most beautiful dream I’ve ever had.

It’s been three year after I broke up with him. I didn’t see him or talk to him for a long time. And I’m not in love with him, for a long time. Nevertheless, he still appears in my dream from time to time. I gradually grasped the rules, that whenever I’m not satisfied with my life or myself, I’ll have these dreams. Because he’s the only one that can remind me what an amazing person I used to be.

So I made this installation in order to remind myself that I should never be weak, since I’ve been that tough and bold along the way.

In the back ground I used oil paint and acrylic paint to reappear the scene in my dreams. And I used the paint marker in gold and silver to draw an abstract “time path”. I attached a few pieces of organza with moments of my dreams on it. After all these steps, the background was finished. Then I started the main part of this project: the cucoloris. I was going to do a trotting horse lamp, but after the background was finished, I decided to do some simple paper cucoloris considering the space and effect.



Time used to be a clear element in my mind. I am the kind of person that tend to remember specific point-in-time. One sequence of this habit is that I always want to go back to certain time point, to live like in the old times. Then when I got to know the nonlinear narrative sequence, I was deeply attracted by its contingency. I start to think about the diversity of time after completing this project. As a design element of my works, time can be presented in many more interesting ways now.

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