Bridge Project 1

                    Bridge Project 1


 Observation Location:

The Main Lobby at 2 West 13 street

1/29/2015   Around 1:30 p.m.



I went to the main lobby at 2 west and 13 street. I chose there because I thought there has the largest amount of people come in and out, and then I got to observe more things. I felt cold at first when I was approaching to the main lobby, because the doors was opened so often by crowds. And I found a seat which was just in front of the door way and stayed there about 1o minutes. The lobby was much more brighter than our classroom since it got so many transparent glass doors and windows, and more sun light could get into the lobby, which was good. I could just look through and see the outside views, yellow cabs, a big truck, people wearing black coat and walking in a fast pace seems like in a hurry. Back to inside lobby, there were 4 ID card check machine (I don’t know what it called so…) Every people needs their ID to come in, I saw the green light was shining when people swipe their ID, otherwise the red light shines and two iron arms would lift to prevent that person to come in. I think for security purpose there was also a security guy sit besides the machines. This security guys had his coat hang on his chair and seated there doing nothing. There was a computer and some folders on the desk. I assume that is for checking or recording people who come into this building, because one guy came in and forgot his ID. He went to the security guy and tell him the situation. security asked him some questions and typed something in computer and let him in. And there were a lot of paper attached on those glass windows. I think those might be some news, schedules, or advertisements. There were about  20 people came in and 1o people left. And most of them were really tension might want to catch up classes. And 2 couches next to the door way. Actually should have 4 it, but there were only two in my vision at that time. I like that spot, a huge circular “bed”. I slept there once for an hour. It was comfortable. I think it should be one of students’  favorite spots in Parsons. I saw two girl sitting on one coach, they were not talking to each other. I assume they were not friends. one of them were an Asian, she has a black and purple hair. She was looking around and drawing down what she saw. Actually she was doing what I was doing. So she is my classmate. The other one was holding a 13 inch mac pro or retina and laughing hardly. I think she might be chatting with her boyfriend or friends  or watching a funny youtube video? After sitting there for a while I started to move away my focus from people to the overall building structure. I found the structure were so geometric. it forms by some many different material and textures lines.  There were a lot metal pillars, and balanced out with soft gray carpets on the floor.



Question About Observation:

1) Why there are so many couches on the Lobby?

2)What if there is no sitting areas for people to sit?

3)What if there is no security guys and those ID check machines?

4)What if school change the glass door and window to other material which will block the sun light?


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