Map-NYC- Memories



   Map-NYC- Memories


The First one is JFK airport. I traveled all alone from China got to New York on 2014.8.14. I was kind of scared of this place when airplane just landed. And I really felt homesick right away. And I even questioned about myself  Can I really survive in this cold city? But now I proved it. It is not bad here.


I love ice-cream!And this place is my favorite spot in NYC. It’s located at 9th 2av. I always have the Rose flavor.


This is my HOME! The first space only belongs to me. It is so different when you feel that you are not a child anymore. And I need to learn so many live skills. Actually it was really fun.

IMG_3367And this was my first time take a train here, although it was not really a long distance. But it is always fun first time to do something. And I sat there saw the entire manhattan in the small window. It was beautiful! 

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